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Search Engine Optimisation services on the Costa Blanca

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SEO analysis onpage

The Onpage analysis includes a report for the backlinks and linkbuilding of your website.


Keyword research

We study the competition of the most relevant keywords for your website, and we send you a complete report.


Choise of keywords

Once the keywords are analysed, we choose those that will give the best results, and we rank them into the SERPs.



We design effective linkbuilding and put some links from websites with great influence on Google.


Web Performance Optimisation (WPO)

We examine your website for elements that slow down the loading speed. A fast website is essential to be among the best.


Optimise images

As mentioned previously, loading times directly influence the SERPs ranking. We optimise images to reduce weight.

Our client opinions

Rank your website on Google

WebElx, SEO agency on the Costa Blanca

On your website we only use SEO strategies, which are well recognised by Google so when the algorithm is updated you don't have to worry about anything.

Above all others we focus on Google because it is the most popular search engine in the world, although these instructions generally work with other search engines such as Yahoo or Bing. Google frequently updates its algorithms because it wants to offer the highest possible quality to its users. Results are intended to display what the user would naturally expect to find. This means that the search engine is prepared to analyse a number of web parameters (more than 200) to make sure that the websites displayed contain relevant content for the search carried out and checks that there are no tricks by the webmaster or author of those contents.

People and some agencies still using techniques that are not accepted by Google, which have worked in the past and may still working nowadays, but Google (as well as other search engines) is working to expel them. In employing forbidden techniques, you are always at risk of incurring a penalty without prior notice and of course the consequent loss of time and money invested in an effort to achieve one of the top positions in the SERP's. On the other hand, since we have done our homework and work according to the guidelines set out by Google, we not only ensure a permanence in the current position but also - since it penalises those who do not work in an acceptable way - our position may be raised due to another website being demoted from ahead of us.

SEO onpage during development

We start optimising your website during development because a good foundation is essential and makes all the difference. This means being careful when choosing the H's of the page content as well as the rest of the HTML tagging and creating a linkbuilding using common sense and not intending to spam.

If you don't have adequate content or it is insufficient, we can write the text of your already optimised website, introducing keywords that are relevant to the context.

Why doing Web Performance Optimisation (WPO)?

Nowadays, fast loading of websites is extremely important. This is why we do a Web Performance Optimisation of the entire website before allowing indexing by robots.

On the other hand, all the photos on the website are manipulated to reduce their weight, the HTML, CSS and Javascript code is minified, and everything is compressed on the server to achieve an optimal load. We also defer the parse of external Javascript files, and we can even acquire a CDN with remote delivery of those files if necessary.

So why trust us with your company's SEO?

Because we care about our clients and we want their businesses to be profitable and efficient. After all, our company thrives on the success of our clients.